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"What's in the Box" - say it like Brad Pitt did in SEVEN

You found your way to the website.

So now that you are here - we were reminded by my cousin, Christie (always give credit where credit is due), to give some links to things we talked about thus far on our podcast. You can now go shopping, casually leave the links for your husband or wife to find, or go ahead as Cousin Eddy said, buy yourself "something' nice, something really nice". We will also post those holiday movies we were talking about, and welcome you writing in with any and all amazing new ones you have found.

So here you go - end 2020 with a bang ladies and gentlemen. (And gentlemen - some of these things are really good stocking stuffers for your wife/girlfriend (but, if you have both - get off our website right now and go rethink your life choices, because you have bigger issues than shopping).


Reading glasses - for the slightly vision impaired, but also block out the blue

Spanx faux leather leggings

Leggings "like Butta" - Episode 5


Facial hair remover: NOTE TO MEN: Do not put this in your wife's stocking or you you will get poison in your coffee

Root spray: NOT TO MEN: See the above note on the facial hair remover

Pedicure tub

Callous remover

Eyebrow tint gel

Liquid blush

Lip pencil


Succulents: Warning ladies - you still need to water these

Ceramic pots for succulents

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