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Toxic Positivity is a Thing

In this week's episode we discussed Toxic Positivity and how it really is a thing. In a book I love and got from Amazon, by Jennifer Racciopi,

COSMIC HEALTH, Jennifer discusses this, as she studied Positive Psychology for many years. If you do not allow yourself or others to feel the feelings, you cannot go through all the stages you need to, to heal yourself or others. Going through the actual emotion helps you deal with things better, and actually helps you get more positive on the other side.

In this episode, Liz also discusses something that I went right out and ordered, Sara Happ's Lip Therapy (for our "What's in the box?" segment): Neon Pink Mask (Liz bought this, I didn't) Brown Sugar scrub - shower Night Lips - dream slip

I'm super excited about my new lip routine. Thanks Liz!

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