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These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things!

As Blair Waldoff said in "Gossip Girl," - "Whoever said money doesn't buy happiness, doesn't know where to shop." While Blair is a bit extreme, we know everyone is itching to find the best deals out there. And while, there are many other great blogs out there that came before us to tell you where said sales are, we'll just tell you where we got a few of our favorite things.

UGG Ansley Water Resistant Slippers - amazing! And yes, they are water resistant! Christmas Day, unloaded the dishwasher and a cup full of water (unloading hazzard) spilled all over my new slippers. I was so upset, and didn't realize they were water resistant until after they dried up beautifully.

SLIP silk pillowcase. I was watching GMA I believe and saw a Nana on there who had excellent skin. She accredited it to using a silk pillowcase throughout the years. I was a little hesitant about it, because I thought it'd be weird to slip right off the pillow, but then I tried it. It's amazing. Not only do you wake up with your hair looking amazing, but you wake up with no creases, lines or indents.

Sorel Perfect Bootie - Waterproof bootie - unfortunately - these were on sale on sale, before Christmas but not now. Keep them on your watch list. They won't disappoint.

As Liz said to me when she found these, "I just fell in love!" We wouldn't be multitasking in heels, if we didn't give you some heels as ideas.

For the men in your life, that you may have forgotten or men, if you didn't get anything good for Christmas, this is it. Liz got these for the old man in her life, Dan (her husband, who drinks like he's an 80yr old ad man reliving his glory days). They are beautiful!

Hope everyone's Christmas break is full of, "what do you mean you already broke your Christmas present," and "where is the remote control," "how did we accumulate this much laundry," and "how many sweets do we have in this house right now?" I can tell you for this house, too many.

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