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The Marshall Plan - Episode 17

If you listened to Episode 20, you know all about the Marshall plan and the back and forth of what people think about it. Everyone's entitled to their opinions, but what we really need is to create equality and more jobs. At Multitasking, we think everyone's hearts are in the right place with this, but we don't want females to take a setback in the workplace and we also don't want this bill to alienate males, or single dad's raising kids.

Now on to the more frivilous finds. What's in the box?

Lindsey found this at Target for Valentine's Day (but it could be a good Easter gift too for the kids):

Fish Candy Tackle Box The mystery meat steak solved - very good meat from Idaho

Cobra Kai Sweatshirt on Etsy (there are quite a few, even Eagle Fang is now on there)

Liz and her three wine glass deep, social media targeted shopping purchase:

Hot Soles

missing this part if you are truly interested...

Custom Heater to warm them up at $209

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