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Sabotage - Not Just a Beastie Boys Song

In Episode 21 - we let our good friends, Jackie Mellen and Julie Dereshinsky takeover to let you know that we all have saboteurs within us and they actually have names. Liz and I were lucky enough to take two of Jackie and Julie's coaching sessions ourselves, and one of the sessions was about these inner critics. It was so interesting to self reflect during and after the session because, when we both started to react as our Saboteur, we both were completely aware what was happening and began to change the narrative and mindset. It's not an easy process, and of course, working on yourself is a lifelong job, but being aware is half the battle.

We were lucky to have Julie on an earlier episode of Multitasking in Heels, regarding changing careers. That episode had the most listeners tuning in, so that makes us think that people are in deed, in need. For more information about Julie and Jackie you can find it here:

But in addition, they have a few spaces left in their 10 week special course -

And here's what was in the box:

Jackie shared here Amazon purchase - The BOOT and MITTEN DRYER:

Julie shared about her Bearded Dragon food in case anyone is interested - they eat 100 live bloated live crickets a day and need a large tank heated at about 98 degrees (so what we're saying here, it's a big deal - you might want to just get a dog):

Liz shared her Serial killer box o' fun - in all seriousness - those purchases we make on Amazon within a few days of each other, but then when they are put together - they look like a crazy box from someone's sick mind:

I shared my Christmas purchase for our dog, but really for our son, who saw this thing on TikTok and wants our dog to talk to him:

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