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Kicking at the Glass Ceiling with High Standards and Heels

What a refreshingly, awesome record Liz and I had with our friend Cordelia Howell, BOSS LADY, Manager, friend, sister, daughter and more. She's authentic to the core and we hope it comes across in our episode about Corporate Life (it isn't always bad out there).

Cordelia let us in on a little secret - she's got a side hustle - a baking business:

  • Cordees Cakes - pies, cookies, sweets etc.

Cordelia also believes in SELF-CARE as a discipline, so listen to our previous episode on the subject. She's right!

What's in the box:

Lindsey shared that retailtherapymom' told her about

Sol De Janiero's Bum Bum Cream

It's Yummy! Part of a Great Self-Care regimen

and Liz got rubber snakes to scare off poor Chip and Dale in the Garden (note people: It Doesn't Work)

But here it is if you are bored and want a fun hitting activity for your kids.


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