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Episode 20 - Parenting Solo

If you listened to this heart wrenching episode, you know the beautiful, classy and amazing Jennifer Hoffmeister and her life's twists and turns. You can truly say, you never know what is going to happen. By the time this episode airs, we hope Jen will be about a month or so away from hosting her own podcast called, "Now What?", which we'll gladly support and cannot wait to let our listeners know about when it goes live. It will be about individual's traumas and so the "now what?" part in their lives comes to a head.

Jen sells Beauty County and does very cute and fun tutorials while putting on make-up on instagram (I've watched a few and wow - to carry on a conversation and put a full face of make-up on, and do it well, is a feat in itself). You can find Jen's information here:

Beauty County Jen

Boys on the Move Instagram

And here's what Liz and I purchased or got in



Weighted Eye Mask

Weighted Sleeping Blanket for kids


Flawless yes, I had to get another one

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