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Don't Pretend You Don't Love Them...

Let's Play Some Good ole Mad Libs. Girl goes home to (Fill in Small Town), leaving her workaholic boyfriend that won't commit back in the (Fill in the Big City), to (Fill in Sad, Noble Task i.e. Save the Town Square, Save the Farm, Bury a Family Member) and bumps into (Fill in Ex, recently divorced or recently engaged). After some tension first builds up, the ex must help the girl (Fill in the noble task again), and passion reignites. Christmas is saved in said town. The End!

So what?! They might be templatized, and quite predictable, but they are addicting. They make you feel good. They make you feel like the Christmas spirit is real.

Here are a few of our favs, but also ones we just think have possibly the best write ups ever....


Holly Star: on NETFLIX (did not watch this - Liz found the description and we couldn't help but love it)

A broke puppeteer returns home for the holidays and gets caught up in a treasure hunt with her paintball-obsessed best friend, her tango-dancing grandmother, and a childhood sweetheart.


Christmas Ala Mode - Lifetime - Small town girl needs to save farm, big town sister tries to take the farm with hot big town co-worker.

Forever Christmas - Lifetime - for those Bachelorette/Bachelor Fans - an overworked Producer (I have no idea what they are talking about), falls in love with her Bachelor

Christmas Inheritance - Netflix - Andie McDowell as Mom! Come on!

Christmas at Graceland - Hallmark 2019 - the original - even though we don't love country music, Kelly Pickler does a dang good job in this movie. And being at Graceland? Come on! Apparently, the new one has Adrian Grenier in it this year?! Find the original. It's worth it.

Snowed-Inn Christmas - Hallmark - 2017 -an oldie but goodie - "One Tree Hill's" Bethany Joy Lenz, and a handsome Canadian, very easy on the eyes. This is still on replay at late night on the Hallmark Channel.

And as one of our favorite Insta Influencer's Vodkalana likes to ask every year, "How do these bitches fit 8 coats in their small suitcases when they go home for Christmas?" We also, would like to know.

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