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A Vagina Candle? Well You are Going to Need Some Good Soap!

In Episode 107, we talk to the amazing voice over actor Joe Gaudet! Check him out @iamjoegaudet and on our podcast, because you will see that Dad's are in this with us. At 20% Male listenership, we are proud to represent their side as well. But we're not here to talk about the episode, no, we're here to talk about SOAP! Joe's favorite soap in fact, Duke Cannon.

They have style, they have class, more importantly, they have sass! So we approve. They have names like "Big Ass Beer Soap", what is not to like about that. Ladies, two words, STOCKING STUFFERS! Men, drop some hints. Five percent of their proceeds go to Military Veterans. Seriously you cannot go wrong. And hopefully, we'll see Joe on a hilarious commercial here soon.

On Episode 108, premiering December 1st, we discuss in "Stars, they are not like us", the favorite most disliked star, Gwenyth Paltrow. I must have been under a rock, with a heavy wool blanket, and my 125lb German Shelpherd on top of that, because little did I know that Gweny made a candle presumably scented for her nether regions.(Don't believe us, here's the link)

Now, no one wants to smell that. Okay! I'm sorry, but that's just hideously gross and bizarre. I was innocently looking for a Whiskey River Soap Co. Candle (another company Liz and I love to promote ) for the candle that Liz loves to repeat "Well this is another meeting that could have been an email". While googling, I came upon this train wreck and quickly texted Liz. Then we went down a weirdly scent filled rabbit hole, that had descriptions more convoluted than a pricey wine menu at a snooty restaurant. Who would make this? Well, Gwenyth.

In summation, I think we need a good gift pack of Duke Cannon's Big Ass Beer Soap to wash out the Vagina Candle smell. And The Candle is actually more expensive than a Gift Pack of Duke Cannon's soap. Just sayin'. We usually don't judge on our show, as we've said before, but Liz and I did hold some reservation for GP. Because who makes a candle scented for their junk, and who promotes buying white tank tops for $125 bucks (and says it's best to buy 2)?

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