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For years, we have served as; daughters, wives, mothers, daughter's in-law, co-workers, aunts, volunteers, caregivers, paper filler outers, home-schoolers, down-right over achievers and we do this all while in our heels.  It's a choice. It's not for everyone. We choose to wear them because it makes us feel a little bit better while we do all these things and gives us the thrill maybe we are going somewhere fun (and one of us has a flat foot, so she has to wear heels). Liz prefers a good spiked heel, while Lindsey is more of a knee high platform boot. We finally decided to own the role we've been playing and be intentional about it. We figured we weren't the only ones out there having these feelings and being these women, so why not add something else to our serving trays.  We founded Multi-tasking In Heels with a mission to let other mom's or dad's (hey, they can wear heels too! Amen Sister!) or caregivers, know that they are doing a good job and we're all in this together. This is for the frenzied but fabulous. 

Take some time to explore the podcast, or read something interesting. Feel free to reach out if you would like to give us feedback, tell us about your favorite heels or collaborate on a project together.

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